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I was so worried.


remember when azula shot aang while he was in the avatar state and stopped his heart but since raava was active she also killed her, ending the avatar cycle, and then katara revived the avatar and the avatar spirit (:


Empowerment Feminism and the Korra vs. Asami Wars


The following is an illustration of something I said yesterday about the ways in which internal battles on the political left lap over into fandom, but it is also a response to owldee's published ask response about pro-bending and ikkinthekitsune's response to the response. To sum up, there is a particular segment of the Korra fandom/hatedom that argues that The Legend of Korra is anti-feminist because of the way it privileges stories of female characters who exhibit more stereotypically masculine traits (Korra, Lin) than those that exhibit stereotypically feminine traits (Asami, Pema, Senna).

Because this is going to get rather long, I’m going to place it under a “read more.”

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mako and bolin vs unalaq

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one cap per episode | the legend of korra

inspired by x

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Prompt #050 - Formal

you clean up nice

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Publication Date: 4/12/14 


Graphic made by: ebonynightwriter 

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that was so deep and meaningful! I feel like I understand the meaning of life!

its like you’re the only one to understand me elyse

They threw me in prison to rot, along with my brothers and sisters! They deserve the same!”

Parallels | Korra loses something connected to her very being at the hands of the season’s antagonist.(x)